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The Tripple Play

Unlimited Data... Enjoy Unlimited Access, Zero Buffering...


What is Home Fibre ?

Fiber  To The Home, reaches the boundary of the living space to deliver triple play services- voice, video and data, over FTTH networks directly from an operator's central office.

With Home Fibre Optics service connectivity, you can utilize high-definition, on-demand video streaming applications and devices such as YouTube, Netflix, Roku, and Facebook LIVE, on your mobile device, computer and PCs at high speed, because of its ability to carry data at high speeds over long distances.

Our Technical Engineer will install an ONT or Optical Line Terminal that will provide every home subscriber access to high speed Internet.


Our Home Fibre Plans

Express Installation

Data Volume - Unlimited
Data Speed - upto 5 Mbps
Validity - Monthly
Price - N17,500

Fast Internet

Data Volume - Unlimited
Data Speed - upto 10Mbps
Validity - Monthly
Price - N30,000

Fast Download and Upload

Data Volume - Unlimited
Data Speed - upto 25Mbps
Validity - Monthly
Price - N40,500

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